Exciting New Bean Varieties!: Part 1

15 Feb

Though it is still winter  our excitement about 2011 and the  new products that we will be able to offer has reached a fever pitch! As our outdoor markets have been closed we have had a bit more time to focus on sourcing and experimenting with some new, naturally distinct flavor varieties of cacao beans. To wet your appetite here is a bit of information on some of the new varieties of cacao that we will be experimenting with:

Fair Trade organic beans from the Upala region of  Costa Rica

The teroir, or geographic characteristics of the soil a crop is produced in, of the Upala region  yields fruity hints of fig and tamarind. When moderately roasted these Costa Rican Beans make an elegant chocolate with a smoothness that resembles milk chocolate (without any added dairy!).

Dominican Republic Sanchez Beans

Akin to the Dominican Republic Hispanola beans that yielded the majority of the chocolate we sold and produced in the fall, this bean carries notes of raspberry of green tea. Intensely aromatic, the Sanchez beans also has a Deep earthy flavor with tobacco and delicate spice notes.

Many more to come!


One Response to “Exciting New Bean Varieties!: Part 1”

  1. John February 16, 2011 at 2:33 pm #

    these sound great – what are your plans for 2011?

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