Exciting New Bean Varieties: Part II !!!

17 Jun

Many of you may already know That Tegan spent a significant amount of 2010 in the Tobasco region of Mexico  undertaking epic chocolate adventures. She visited plantations, met with local farmers, researched cacao production processes…and tasted a  lot of chocolate!! We are very excited to  share the fruits of her labor, and are confident that you will be quite pleased.

The famous stone heads of the Olmecs(who were often referred to as the first to use cacao), now reside in the State of Tobasco, an area steeped in rich cacao history and tradition. Our current variety of cocoa bean comes from Comalcalco, the hub of the Tobasco region’s cacao production.

A slow roast of our Comalacalco beans yields a robust full bodied chocolate. After 25 hours of stone grinding it’s rich flavor is chased with delicate berry notes. This batch is definitely a testament to the layers and phases of flavor that a piece of good chocolate can take you through!

As if you needed another reason to try it, rest assured that these beans were produced on a small, fair trade, organic farm by a small group of  people with very big hearts.

Come see us at Head House Market this Sunday for a sample of our 79% and 72%!


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