18 Jan

Seasons change and so do we!

LoveBar went through a real period of growth and transition in  2011 and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting through our chocolate journey.

We dream of spending the Summer on amazing cacao sourcing adventures but this year we were stuck in our workboots, and up to our elbows in paint on another much more local adventure- building the LoveBar kitchen!

For 2 YEARS we have been working, out of small coffeeshops and other commercial kitchen spaces after business hours.  While we are so very grateful for all of the businesses that welcomed us into their spaces during that time (biiig shout out to Betty’s Speakeasy! ) – our elbows were bowed extra low for lugging all the equipment in and out- adding hours and hours onto our production time-and bags under our eyes! The need for a more permanent space was urgent!


As any local food entrepreneur will tell you- finding kitchen space in Philadelphia is as easy as locating that fountain of youth!  It was a long 10 month process- but when we finally met our incredible landlords and signed the lease on the amazing Globe Dye Works– the long wait was worth it all.

We couldn't be happier in Frankford!!

The Globe Dye Works tag line is “where arts meet industry”- which we feel compliments our business very well.  We feel so lucky to have such a talented creative community working all around us- and with us.


LoveBar shares our production space with the Cupcake Queen of Philadelphia -Mz. Lily Fischer of A Cupcake Wonderland. Check out her award winning cupcakes by clicking here!


Check back soon for more updates, including new products, new additions to the LoveBar family and a wonderful new artist…. to be continued!


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