24 Feb

LoveBar is delighted that you decided to collaborate with us! We like that our kitchen and your Part Time Studios are neighborhood neighbors, we’re into that you are a native pennsylvanian who after crafting your skills decided to come back and share your gifts locally, and we LOVE that you were inspired to create a wrapper just for LoveBar!!

We aren’t going to try to describe your awesome work, but we hope you don’t mind that we share a bit of your inspiration- from your site.

My goal as an artist is to interpret, record, and honor all things human.  Joy, pain, love, death, faith, humor, history…these are all things that we as humans have in common and they are all things that can and do bring us together as well as push us apart.  I don’t attempt to find clarity in the confusion and chaos of the world, for now I’m just exploring.

We are very excited that your new show a PARADIGM GALLERY is TONIGHT!!

We can’t believe you are giving away 10 FREE LOVEBARS tonight.

What a guy!!

Good luck tonight, and here’s to crushing the artisan food & visual art games!


Much Love,






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