Shyeida Duncan: LoveBar Team Member Extraordinaire

29 Jun

LoveBar is truly a team effort, and this past year would not have been nearly as successful for us without the help of our wonderful interns straight from Frankford High. Being involved in our community is a critical part of our mission and culture here at LoveBar, and our partnership with Frankford High is just the first example we plan to highlight here. But, for right now, we’d like to take the time and recognize one of our tremendous interns, Shyeida Duncan.

Shyeida is a senior at Frankford who plans to study the culinary arts at Monroe College in the fall. We introduced her to the entire chocolate making process, from tempering to cracking beans to wrapping finished bars. Her cooking experience comes primarily from helping her mother, but she walked in to our kitchen with dedication, talent and enthusiasm – which we hope we helped cultivate throughout her time with LoveBar!

Shyeida’s looking forward to her classes in the fall, and she even wants to take business classes and one day start her own micro-food venture. Like the rest of us at LoveBar, she likes doing things her way! (But remember Shyeida, don’t take out a business loan unless you absolutely have to!)

We want to wish Shyeida lots of luck and chocolate as she gets ready to start the next phase of her life, and we hope we’ve taught her a few things along the way about the culinary arts, business, and using what you love to do to give back to others.

Stay in touch, Shyeida, and we’re sure that you’ll be teaching us plenty in the years to come.

And friends of LoveBar, keep reading for more profiles of our wonderful interns!



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