Exciting New Bean Varieties: Part II !!!

17 Jun

Many of you may already know That Tegan spent a significant amount of 2010 in the Tobasco region of Mexico  undertaking epic chocolate adventures. She visited plantations, met with local farmers, researched cacao production processes…and tasted a  lot of chocolate!! We are very excited to  share the fruits of her labor, and are confident that you will be quite pleased.

The famous stone heads of the Olmecs(who were often referred to as the first to use cacao), now reside in the State of Tobasco, an area steeped in rich cacao history and tradition. Our current variety of cocoa bean comes from Comalcalco, the hub of the Tobasco region’s cacao production.

A slow roast of our Comalacalco beans yields a robust full bodied chocolate. After 25 hours of stone grinding it’s rich flavor is chased with delicate berry notes. This batch is definitely a testament to the layers and phases of flavor that a piece of good chocolate can take you through!

As if you needed another reason to try it, rest assured that these beans were produced on a small, fair trade, organic farm by a small group of  people with very big hearts.

Come see us at Head House Market this Sunday for a sample of our 79% and 72%!


“The price of a lunchtime Twix can have a devastating effect on farmers in west Africa.”

16 Feb

Chocolate Nations: Living and Dying for Cocoa, a new book authored by Orla Ryan, is a well researched reminder of the many lives that can be affected by everyday chocolate purchases. The Ivory Coast, the world’s top exporter of cocoa beans, neighboring Ghana and many other Cocoa exporting Nations have complex political, legal and human rights issues attached to their chocolate exports. Empower yourself and learn more about the book below.


…And for information on the current power struggle for Ivory Coast Cocoa exports here:



Exciting New Bean Varieties!: Part 1

15 Feb

Though it is still winter  our excitement about 2011 and the  new products that we will be able to offer has reached a fever pitch! As our outdoor markets have been closed we have had a bit more time to focus on sourcing and experimenting with some new, naturally distinct flavor varieties of cacao beans. To wet your appetite here is a bit of information on some of the new varieties of cacao that we will be experimenting with:

Fair Trade organic beans from the Upala region of  Costa Rica

The teroir, or geographic characteristics of the soil a crop is produced in, of the Upala region  yields fruity hints of fig and tamarind. When moderately roasted these Costa Rican Beans make an elegant chocolate with a smoothness that resembles milk chocolate (without any added dairy!).

Dominican Republic Sanchez Beans

Akin to the Dominican Republic Hispanola beans that yielded the majority of the chocolate we sold and produced in the fall, this bean carries notes of raspberry of green tea. Intensely aromatic, the Sanchez beans also has a Deep earthy flavor with tobacco and delicate spice notes.

Many more to come!

Lovebar Now Sold at Headhouse Square Market!!!

21 Oct


The Food Trust strives to make healthy food available to all. Working with neighborhoods, schools, grocers, farmers and policymakers, they have developed a comprehensive approach that combines nutrition education and greater availability of affordable, healthy food. It is simply an awesome market. Come check us out!
Headhouse Market
2nd and Lombard streets
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

…and learn more here:

Joshua Mays and LoveBar!!

21 Oct

Joshua Mays is a storyteller whose paintings reflect the beauty and struggle of the black experience in the present and future.The beautiful and very detailed design that Mays has contributed holds tight to May’s layered rhythm and tendency toward the female form, Leaving us with a very futuristic yet organic design!

Mays, a Denver Transplant has been featured in performing artist’s Jill Scott’s book The Moments the Minutes, The Hours, numerous galleries and murals. learn more here:

Throwback Thursday: Supper Chocolate, Wine and Cheese Tasting!

21 Oct

Not even a year ago Tegan and I unveiled Love bar at an incredible local wine, cheese and chocolate tasting class at the Supper Restaurant at 926 South St. The class  featured original pairings of local artisanal wines with locally-made cheeses and Philly’s best chocolates, including goat’s milk feta from Patches of Star, Blue Sue fudge from Betty’s Tasty Buttons, Dornfelder red wine from Stargazers Vineyard & Winery and….LoveBar! It was great to be tasted in such great company. A big thanks to the Food Trust for sponsoring the event!

Everything was beutifully paired and plated. That’s us  on the left!

Flavor profiles were discussed, and finally…

…Sweet satisfaction!

Gallery Space 1026 and LoveBar!!

21 Oct

We are excited to let you know that all of the wrapping paper for our bars will now be screen printed at world renowned Space 1026 Gallery and Artist Collective. Dear freind, incredible artist and super nice guy Alex Lucas has been helping us screen print the designs of our contributing artists. In the future the pre-cut prints of our artists designs will be for sale.  Also visit the Space 1026 site for more info!!